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100 Years

1 Job

2 Trust

3 100 Years

4 My old street


5 o’clock get on up,

Hit the shower, water power,

Get a cup of tea and toast

In the car, travel far,

Traffic jam, here I am,

That’s what I hate the most

And when I just keep on going

See all the stuff I have to do

And then the water’s overflowing

And it’s overflowing you…

Turning on the pc,

get yourself a cup of tea,

Checking out the mail and go

Meeting and you’re running late,

All the stuff that cannot wait,

Energy is running low..

Well I’m moving mountains

But I long for yesterday

When they were

so happy to have me

And told me so along the way

Work untill the end of day,

Lock up and go away

A headache is hunting you

Getting home at nightfall

Is there any use at all

in living like I do?

And when the day is over

Hardly anything works at all

And the only solution

is going back

to where you started from..

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One day you put your trust in me

But now it seems to me

you’re not so sure

And that’s the point for me you see

And I really don’t

wanna be with you anymore

And now you tell me

that you need me

And you cannot cope

without me anymore

But if you must you will so easily

betray my trust…

How come?

You gave your word

But it doesn’t seem

to mean that much to you

And more than anything

I was hurt

Because I thought

that your sincerity was true

You made a promise and took it back

And it makes you look

like a coward and a fake

And all it takes to reconnect

Are the amends

that you are never gonna make


I slept a hundred years

In a castle in the dark

Too tired to notice

The blood running

out of my veins…

And just as I found the key

Somebody opened up

the door

It was as if the Lord said:

“Don’t waste your

power anymore”

I lost the power

I lost the reason to believe

I lost the will to go ahead

But now the sun is shining

in my mind again

Somewhere on the way

I felt my face was

wet with tears

No matter what they pay

It’s not worth

losing a hundred years

I lost the power

I lost the capacity to see

I lost the ability to sleep

But now the wind is blowing

through my hair again

I slept a hundred years

I didn’t see the sun

& as my skin turned pale

I only counted battles won


I really like the neighborhood

The people and the trees

I never once was homesick

Hardly a thing I miss


It is odd how you get used to

living in a crowded place

You never seem to notice

until you find a bigger space

Away from my old street

I wasn't feeling healthy

I couldn't quite get up

And everything I tried to lift

eventually seemed to drop

Now I know you will tell me

I was feeling left behind

But a simple change of scenery

Was all it took to shine!

Away from my old street

Was it only half a year ago

I felt that I was stuck?

As I pass my old street

I cannot believe my luck

It's a vague streak of pity

I feel for those left behind

Never regretted leaving home

Though I was not sure

of what I'd find

I wake up feeling happy

The band I'm now playing in

Well even if the road is rough

We travel with a grin

It's the way they're

treating people

that makes it hard for you 

Makes you feel you're 

losing faith

no matter what you do

Oh back in my old street

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