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Feeling Better, Dreaming Worse

1 Caution 2 the wind

2 Goodlooking nothing

3 Getting ready

4 Tell 'em

5 Harder

6 Count every step

7 Freedom

8 Easy 2 B hard

9 Get bad

10 Tear down

11 Lay down

12 Summer calm

13 Taken care of

14 Calm me down

15 Another world

16 Shit in the hole

17 Knight

18 All along the day


We got lost a month or 2 ago

But you seem to think

we take it slow

And you throw caution

You throw caution to the wind

Now it's no use travelling by boat

When going up a steep

and rocky road

But you throw caution

You throw caution to the wind

Now can you see

Can you see where

this is leading?

Can you see

The kind of confusion

that you cause?

It's not that I mind

the exercise

It's just a waste of brains

and good advice, since

You throw caution to the wind

It would help

our common effort so

If you'd share the way

you wannago

But you throw caution

You throw caution to the wind

I bring you food and water 

but why would I even bother

I keep anticipating

but still you keep me waiting

I just wanna move on,

wanna move on

The only reason you don't

walk on your own

Is that you'd have to carry all

the weight alone

Since I want to move on, 

I get cross

Pretending I don't care

and it's your loss

for throwing caution to the wind

If you really wanna

make your mark

Why don't you

use my wits and

don't keep me in the dark

as you throw caution to the wind


If you count every step

that I take

It is no use to claim

you trust me

And if you judge every move

that I make

You’re sure to find something

you don’t like

And if you keep it coming,

especially this way

You’ll find the lights

have extinguished in my head

I try to keep on running,

but now you make me stay

And mind the little


stuff instead

Now you tell me ‘bout

the rumours that you’ve heard

You bet they ain’t true,

but still they must be

I have listened to

all that you have said

But when my turn comes,

you take away the mike!

Once I worked hard,

was in complete control

And I was reporting

about the miles we made

Now my headstart is

crippled by new goals

And you’ve got the nerve

to tell me off in this rude way!


How is it to see the sun in daylight,

when you ever only saw the moon?

Will the colours smash in bright

when all you’ve seen

is black and white

& after covering your eyes,

you will miss it soon…

Can you imagine seeing mountains,

when all you lived on was flat land?

And when the hills are all you know,

I know that your mind will blow

When first you touch the sea with your hand – and going back, you’ll miss it then…

All the fun stuff I was doing -

I used to be more than fine at home

But now all along the day

you come and make me feel this way

Since I know you …

I seem to feel alone

You look up and see me pacing

like a restless lion in a cage

& if you want me 2 reach out

you have to take away my doubt

& approach me open handed –

so we can turn the page

Now is there a way

that I can tell you?

Well I know that you’re

OK on your own

But lately I have found

that my walls have come down

Since I know you…

I seem to feel alone…

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