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1 In memories

2 Justice (will be rolling)

3 Why?

4 Waterline

5 Prison

6 One

7 When

8 All = done

9 Just around the corner

10 Tucson, Arizona

11 Onesome

12 Same sun

13 Hold on

14 Eager


Listen to what I say,

now come on

You’re good at starting,

not moving on

Now I’m a sensible person:

“you get on out!”? -

It’s not that simple!

Never oppressed

in such a sweet way

Know I am blunt,

but what do you say?

“Well you’re a sensible

person” – Ah, go away

You’re sincere anyway

You made me your

guardian angel

I will shield you

from the storm

I was a sensible person –

but I got lost…

Will you save me

now it’s your turn?

You make me believe

we are one now,

you make me believe

that we are one


Cleaned up

worked out

Still have all your faculties

No hopes

No dreams

A little comfort would be welcome

Maybe dissatisfaction

Is a natural reaction

to emptiness

and loneliness

All is done

and you're aching

A mental epidural

nothing moves, really

but it doesn't feel too good

doesn't really hurt, though

expect it to turn

painful later...

They took too much hair

off my head

feels like a step closer to death

I didn't see, I didn't see

now it's too late

to return to me


Old time pictures start to burst

As truth appears

No longer there to trust

Better hold on to your fears

And you know what it’s like

to bring them down

No more laughter, running around

Silence, no sound

You’ll be safe along the waterline

Kicking all your habits

Making room for more

Letting in a vision

Share and create more

Staring in the distance

Sink your hand inside

Feel the strangeness slithering

Need nowhere to hide


Dreams out of a bottle

or coming out of fears

Leaving the hiding places

where they've been all of

these years

Made out of the dust you leave

made out of real gold

Stuff you keep on chasing

untill you are too old...

Someone told me long ago

I would find true love

Cannot quite remember

what he was speaking of

A face from Staten Island,

a mind that touches mine

Just around the corner

a truthful heart will shine

How come you never be

satisfied with what you are?

Is there any use in

chasing that one star?

Lay yourself 2 rest and

let life roll along

Sometimes 4 doing nothing

You have 2 b real strong...

Just around the corner,

tomorrow lies and waits

Every new day, 

a promise on a plate

Step out of the line you're in,

Walk another street

Follow your heart, or

follow your own feet -

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