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Getting ready


Been loving you for too long,

at what cost?

Looking back it seems

so good that you got lost

I tried to get on by learning and thinking

You fought your yearning

by moaning and drinking

I’m getting ready

to save the world

How come

you kept me waiting?

So in love with you

Looking back I can’t imagine – for who?

I don’t even wanna know anymore – so don’t start!

Even don’t care for your

show of remorse in your heart

In the past years sadness faded into grey

Now I got somewhere

I really like to stay

One morning I woke up

and realised:

I was free!

Circumstances made

all this possible for me

Most of what makes me happy today

Wouldn’t have been here

if you had stayed

The world has saved me

from pain

Now it is payback time,

and it’s my game..

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