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Black hole


Seems like you focus

on what doesn’t matter

For your illness never blame the nurse

Too bad it ain’t getting any better

Or should I say it’s hardly getting worse?

A black hole is taking over

Underneath all is low

It pulls me down,

making me tired

Only wishing it will not grow

How I wish

I’d be the one to see it

Looking forward to the future of this life

But no matter where I look

there is a black hole

Only disappearing when I drive

A day has been filled

with waiting

Prisoner of emptiness

and care

Tied to a telephone

that doesn’t ring

And to the one I wish

to be there

You turn another page

of the paper

Strange how you feel

better when alone

You’re looking up a car

on the internet

And I wonder what I’m doing

in my home

Fascinating MRI

Allows us to see

the back of the eye

Let the person

wrapped around it

Know that we have found it

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