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Black house


Well it’s a black house

where I don’t wanna be

Your behavior is pushing

you away from me

Well if it’s too much trouble

find somebody else

to do what you don’t wanna

do yourself: climb all the stairs

So stay away and do it

in the black house

you’re acting grey and stupid

in the black house

Well I used to think

you were rather kind,

a civilised person,

who left his ego behind

But when I open my eyes

at the first light of day

I am repulsed and nausious

because you took it away

Now you took it away

& made it all yours

and since you painted it,

it ain't mine anymore

I used to feel okay

when I stayed a while

but now the thought of going

makes me long for exile

You wanted trade and profit

but you shot the bull

and now you cannot sell it

or even transport it cool

& now the house is burning

you cannot take it back

and the walls and the ceilings

are turning black

And I am kinda relieved

it will turn into a wreck

because i know it means

I don’t have to go back

I don’t want to go back,

to the black house...

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