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All that bothers

on a lonely road

I’m stuck nowhere

with my feat

Hear the music

but I can’t play now

Though I’m walking

to the beat

Even as you’re fading away from me now

You can tell me

what is clouding your head

Almost nothing

seems to bother you

As I’m tripping over pieces

You laugh, lay

and you do not

bother to go on

Never mind the moonshine..

You can travel everywhere

& go nowhere at all

Telling everybody what you’ve seen

& there ain’t nothing

to bother you for,

How important can it seem?

Into nothing

your attention fades

You gotta tell me some day

Am I something

really valuable

Or something just

needed on the way?

You don’t need to worry,

everything’s allright

All the carpets

are laid out for you

But I’m in a hurry

and absorbed in a fight

Because I need

to look out for me, too

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