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1 Surrender

2 Lazy


4 Reset button

5 Travel

6 Dreaming

7 Crossing borders

8 Empty

9 Sell me short


I really shouldn’t be here

& every guilty bit

For things I never did,

Has come down to appear

I cannot let go of this place

It’s something weird in my


All the thoughts that I am


Come crashing in my face..

Now stop pretending

you can work your way


The more that you do, the

better it is..

I surrender and feel the


and a touch of relieve

For letting go, letting go…

I cannot get rid of these


It seems I’m stuck in a cave

Walking treadmills and not

feeling save

My time is running out…

You broke your leg but you

still wanna run

In a corner, watching the


Doing nothing when you

wanna go

Just isn’t having fun…

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You never liked me much

And made no effort to improve it

And for a human touch

You never found a way to move it

So looking down on everyone

But you never scrutinized

Your own questionable deeds

The way you had us criticized

Empty, your heart was empty

On another level I could see you talk

& playing quite a good game

But it was never you who

made a mistake

& there was always someone

to blame

Coming in & picking on whatever

Just happened to be near

Outside is not as cold as

here with you

But at least there the sky is clear

Empty, you made me feel empty

Now fate has struck

and you are gone

It should be better with you not here

& I suppose that we could go on

But it's so strange

how you seem near

As I walk down the hall

I somehow seem to expect you

Walking up to me & cutting my throat

The way you used to do

Empty, your room is empty

I waved goodbye & didn't feel like it

Still your mind is lingering on

& though we cried amidst

snakes in a pit

Everything still feels wrong

The sheer speed

that you disapeared with

was frightening everyone

you went faster than the blink of

an eye

& everything goes on

Empy, it's all so empty...



Our roads are gonna have

to part before too long

It doesn't matter if I succeed,

it still is wrong

You put me in a corner,

shone a  light upon my face

& told the people watching

that I am a disgrace

You are so reluctant 2 say

the job is okay

& you don't seem to listen

to a word that I say

You praise the bonehead

that repeats me

for the wisdom that he spreads

Daylight comes & I still feel

like I'm torn into shreds

By the stress you put upon me

while you should be my support

By the way you talk about me

I can tell you sell me short

No matter what I do you

wanna make me look bad

You're so unfair to judge me

by what they said

Now I don't like the person

I'm becoming in your hands

You turn me into someone

who's a stranger 2 my friends

Now I knew something

was wrong

when I started to cry

At the kind words from a waiter,

I didn't understand why

"We can be open to each

other, you can trust me",

so you said

But when I tried sincerity

you burned me down instead

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