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Out On The Sand

1 Ghost town

2 Windforce

3 Lost in translation

4 For granted

5 Silver linings

6 What our hearts are doing

7 Born in the wild

8 Sweet

9 Where u run from

10 Beat the silence


I was sick with anticipation

I didn’t really wanna go

Well you ventured into

conversation -

You kept the windforce low

I didn’t wanna do it

But you took me by the hand

You were not messing

with the way I was confessing

You kept the windforce low

In all this time that I know you

It never was your purpose

to make me feel so bad

You made amends & kept your promise-

You keep the windforce low

Facing the enemy

Is always easier

when you know

you’ve got a friend

You stood by my side

& you really tried

To keep the windforce low

If in the future you

should ask me

To put my trust in you

on a hazardous event

I know I can lean on you

because you really do –

Keep the windforce low

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Well I'm not

the kind of person

who is as gullible

as to believe

what anyone will say

So when you swear to me

you really like me

I'm pretty sure

it won't last another day

I don't know

what got into me

All of the things you say

may not be true

But when you

look at me that way

I'm inclined to

put my faith in you

You can be born in the wild

and be made tame

by somebody

who is so good to you

You may be afraid

as a child,

but the courage came

when you found out

what was so true to you

Now since we've

been together

there's a strange thing

going on, I seem to

have lost my way

And the way we seem

to be good together

makes me believe

you really mean

what you say

& all of the things

that I believe in

& all of the ways I used 2 live

& all of the stuff that would

drive me mad

Can be put at ease

by the peace you give


Now that I'm getting used

2 what u give & I get used

2 what I can be giving

I wish 4 nothing else than 2

continue the way we r living


The energy I always had - 

you focus

You give me hope

We share such sweetness

That I don't - wanna loose -

no, no more, no 

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