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1 Sleep tonight

2 Call

3 Seasick

4 Back

5 Powerless

6 Yesterday's truth

7 Long gone

8 Innocent

9 Lured


Like a pilgrim wants to

reach Santiago

Went outside some time ago

but I wanna sleep tonight

Like a lost soul just wants 2 forget

I am far gone but not there just yet

but do wanna sleep tonight

A mirror just needs to reflect

the pace of my life has been set

I need to sleep tonight

What’s left 2 offer 2 anyone here ?

nothing to live for and nothing to fear

But not sleep tonight

Dizzy with tremors

and numb from the pain

Waves that repeat

into heartbeats of strain –

I wanna sleep tonight

Take me away from the

plans and the scemes

I want 2 fly and belong in my dreams

so let me sleep toninght

Reaching my bedside table,

take a tablet and forget

why I couldn’t sleep tonight

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In the warm sun,

bit on the run,

happy and sore,

in love and bored

When is it going down?

Send your emotions

straight out 2 sea,

dancing the waves,

setting them free

The love I am in,

drowning heart and skin,

leave me here to know,

got nowhere to go

Looking for the wind

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