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Inside Out

1 Losing game

2 Left alive

3 Stuck in my mind

4 These eyes

5 Promise of spring

6 Be careful what you wish for

7 Inner landscape

8 Walk beside me

9 Can't imagine myself


The trees are burning

and the earth is scorched

The embers blowing past my head

There’s dead bodies in

what’s left of the forest

The situation is worse than bad

And outside the next door neighbor

Comments about the cold

Outside you tell your friends

about the job

And outside you act

strangely normal

all considered

While inside only one thing is up…

The sky is grey with smoke,

It’s getting hard to breathe

And hot, so hot…you can hardly move

Gotta get outta here indeed

Only the sound of

flames that consume

What’s left of the scenery

Crinkled ground,

all life has disappeared

Don’t know what’s gonna be

left of me

An inner landscape that just suffered  an impact

This is a nuclear nation

All off balance and shaken,

Clouded by radiation


I can't imagine myself

with anybody else's

arms around me

I can't imagine myself,

no, no..


Take hold of me

Come on & take control of me

well I wouldn't want

to escape

Why don't you come

and reach out

They look so strong 2 me

almost like they belong 2 me

Come on over &

wrap them all around me

So close that I can't move,

I can't see

Can you measure my shoulders?

There ain't no use

in getting it on

if you don't wanna hold me

It seems so good to me

to be able to lean back..

You're so dear to me

Why don't you lose

all your fear for me?

Now when I look into your eyes

I wanna crawl into your arms

So why don't you

hold me now?

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