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I should start with believing,

You turn lead into solid gold

I could start with believing

That you never grow old

Used to be unsettled

Even by the sound of my wings

Potion in the kettle

And I’m hanging on your strings

And I’ll rise, I’ll rise, with feathers flying

And I’ll rise, I’ll rise, high above

the magic that dies

You should start with believing

Know that I work miracles

You should start with believing

And I’ll unfold my goals

Vaporising colours,

people that I see in my ball

Like an wand I’m pointing,

dissolving all the walls

Building starts with loving,

Loving starts with tenderness

Tenderness is resting

On respect, togetherness

If you want to grow it,

Take an ounce of humanity

Add a bit of witchcraft,

And you just wait and see

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