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You kick the door down

and the echo of your boots

Is louder than the

modest murmur of our roots

Torching the furniture

that we newly bought

Is this the forwardness

and power that we sought?

To have somebody

who decides is a relief

Be sure to close the door

behind you when you leave

So much for talking and

consulting everyone

Anything made to work

can simply be undone

Cannot imagine

why we have to take our time

And if we are ready

in a day it is just fine

Anybody whining

should be leaving right away

Only if you are prepared

to follow orders you might stay

Anything’s allowed

to achieve the final goal

Bigger things have been known

to fit into this hole

If things don’t happen naturally there’s no remorse

We’ll draw from other strategies and we’ll try force..

You cannot measure

the sea in teardrops..

You cannot count

all the grains of sand..

Is it getting better,

or getting out of hand?

Observe the borders –

but already they fade..

Wat are the odds I find out

when it is too late?

If we are to go there then

we’ll have to pay the price

I miss the calm

I used to find within your eyes

No matter what,

we cannot watch and walk away

There’s limits to be drawn

before the light of day

Protect the vulnerable in hurricanes of change

In a year from now I don’t know what remains…

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