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Get bad


We were told that we all

had to stay ‘till somebody was coming over

But as the days pass

we’re running out of faith

& we’re stuck, there is no way back, if we run,

we’ll blow our cover

And another approach doesn’t come to mind - so we wait

It is no bloody use

to try to get warm in january

We sleep on the frozen ground and cherish our hats

Only Mac isn’t worn by the cold because he is big and hairy

At day we risk a fire

to roast carrots and rats

In the distance we can hear the cries of fear across the town

There were some that didn’t notice or were too late

We dream how the street

we used to live is being burned down

And awake we wonder how it happened that we were


Now we pray that we don’t have to stay put here for too much longer

Some start behaving uneasy

or just out of line

I am glad that I got nothing left

on me that could soothe my hunger

I’m not sure anymore

that with food on me,

I’d be fine…

You’re a nasty piece of work,

can’t you see what you got us into?

They fire at our shelter so we run

We can hear that the shots are close to us as we climb

the hillside

Looking up

we face the barrel of a gun -

Well it’s gonna get bad, we know it’s gonna get harder

Soon we know we’re gonna

have to draw the line

Can’t you seen we’re running

out of time?

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