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What our hearts are doing



The sunlight creeps in through

the seams

No pressure to be getting up

And nothing seems to matter…

We’ll I’ve been loving you

far beyond my time

And there’s no conscious move that I find

…That’s what our hearts are doing…

Lay back and stare at the fire tonight

here in the dusk

where calm and peace lay in between us

Well I’ve been loving you

since I don’t know when

Waiting for the tide to turn –

but until then…

All these parts of you and me

fall into place as we watch time pass

Blessing our luck and

feeling free – nothing less…

Well I can lay back,

you soothe me so

Leave our habits for something new

Yet, embracing them over again

We’re making sweet memories,

pictures in galleries –

and building up what we are…

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