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Be careful what you wish for


Now be careful what you wish for

He may seem so nice

If really wanna kiss him

You may be skating on thin ice

If he's the perfect thing you see

why d'ya think single applies?

You are aiming at a weirdo

in disguise

He may have nasty habits

though he may look so right

He may harbor freaky fancies

keeping scorpions on the side

Well if he isn't all that bad,

then why is he still alone?

You better swallow

appetite and go home

Is he fond of killing animals

funny hobbies in his life

preferring men to women

lovin his ex-wife

horrible things,

unwanted sides,

stuff that does not show.

you are going down a road

you do not know

It is alltogether possible

that he may put you off

or consider you may be in love

Then you'll embrace

the nasty habits

scorpions you'll come to adore..

Then it doesn't matter anymore

Well I only meant to warn you

But if you think youre sure

then it really

doesn't matter anymore

Be careful what you wish for 

Or are thinking of

You may not see so clearly

when you are in love..

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