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Killing Time

1 Guilty

2 So slow

3 No understanding

4 0231

5 Nowhere

6 See your face

7 Not the same

8 Italian dinner

9 Hades

10 Setting me free

11 Long away

12 There

13 What 2 do


Laid back in endless hours

Horizon as far as you can see

Watch the growing

of the flowers

Nothing to do, nowhere to be

Hear them calling

from a distance,

they're waving from afar

They get on fine

without assistance,

rolling their wheels and

driving their cars

Take some time

to remember,

take some time to see

Shed my tears

and I shed my skin

on the 31st of february

There’s solitude in silence,

in the middle of a cloud

Hate 2 get back

2 the violence,

every step outside is loud

Better let it all go now,

nothing’s much in

time & space

You may be here or you

might be in another place…

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(for my father)

Stand like a tree trunk,

no silly conversation

Forget the white lies

or showing loud appreciation

A mind of your own

and it’s fine grey matter

Navigate on justice,

that is what you’re after

You’re there, always the same,

you’re there

And though you hide it well

I know that secretly you care

Solid as a rock, no follower of fashion

However the wind blows,

pointing to the same direction

Coming of age becomes you well

Never is a funny story you can’t tell

Doublecrossing pisses you off;

That is not the way

that you handle your stuff

It may be done with

finesse and grace,

But you stand up and say:

“get out of my face!”

Now I am the apple I carry the seed

I recognise it every time we meet

May not have as much of you

but I don’t mind

I think you are one of a kind

You never troubled me with

good advice

Sometimes silence is really wise

One time I asked you

to give me a hand -

You showed me that you really can!

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