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Amidst The Breakers

1 Amidst the breakers

2 Better

3 Building

4 Ill

5 Insecurity

6 Linger

7 Lost

8 Mission

9 Pushy

10 Rid of me

11 Solid ground 1

12 Solid ground 2

13 Something's gotta burn


I don’t wanna disappoint you

The way you put your trust in me

Follow the road that we have chosen

Behind the curve we cannot see

And by the way you tap my shoulder,

Already I can see your smile

Why must we part as we get older?

I would have lingered for a while….

I don’t wanna leave you out there

I feel committed to your cause

On my way here,

I bought a one way fare

And if you perish, it’s my loss..

Don’t ask me for an explanation

Since I have learned

to come to terms

With all surprises and frustration

And only count the lessons learned

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You got to stop pushing me

taking me down

You got to stop pushing me

hey now

Well I don't want to go back

But you keep going back

That's what you define

as victory

Thinking of nothing else

Thinking of no one else

only your own good

creating misery


Well I'm taking the wheel

Going forward

While you're leaning 

back in your chair

You wanted the crazy stuff

I'll be laughing my ass off

If you don't succeed

going back and you know

Well you're such a pushy fellow

you're just getting used to

getting your way

but it's okay & I won't stay & you

are gonna have to move

make room

for somebody who's willing to

take it away,

follow the rules, 

building = not what you want..


How do you plan

to get rid of me, what does it take?

Talking and thinking

of ways to send me away

Now I'm calling a lawyer

& adding things up

while all I want is to work

The nights that I spend

and the shit I prevent

I still don't think you're a jerk

How on earth do you figure

that I might get out?

All of these facts and figures 

are casting a doubt

Well I'm staring at spreadsheets

andlooking at laws

but I know what I'd rather do

It's the cockiest thought

that all can be bought

and I heard it

coming from you,

you know that it's true

I can see you enjoying

the way we are looking

for breaks

Give as little as possible,

but as much as it takes

We bargain for money

and we get legal aid

and argue 'bout

planning and time

It's a game that we play

but if I had my way

I would have other things

on my mind; let's leave this behind


Make up your mind

and you’ll  free me

Tell me you have

come to a conclusion

If you would try

you would be me

There ain’t no point in

creating desillusion

Still you dream of safe places,

but we have passed

the point of no return

You just fear to see

some angry faces

But if you want a fire,

something’s gotta burn!

Make up your mind

and release me

I have been locked inside

for far too long

Then you will find

you can please me

by being strong and

doing something

at the risk of doing wrong

Make up your mind

and you’ll see me

Making all the progress

that you wanted so bad

Still you are scared,

but now really

Nothing will do more damage

than not doing what you said

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