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Morning Sun

1 Deepen my resolve

2 Morning sun

3 Borderline

4 Koshmana

5 Southbound train

6 Another side

7 Thin line

8 Stillborn


Typical the way he looks,

trying not to show

The ones that once loved him

now try to make him go

There is no comfort,

there is no love

Now he becomes

what he’s always thinking of

And you will see

another side of him

He will even make you smile

When there’s nothing left to do

He will make it worth your while

Stuck within reason,

held down by pride

Better lay back

and enjoy the ride

Oh one of these days

he will really feel

Suddenly life and people

become more real

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There is a silence

there's no denying

And it makes you insecure

All the warm attention

It is a comfort for sure

If he doesn't love you

If he doesn't care

If he doesn't appreciate

your being there


You walk a thin line

on your reflections

What did you really

want it to be?

Not sure what to be expecting

Did you ever make him see?

There is enough love

to go 'round

But it's coming

from the other side

Time to be homeward bound

Make it good enough to try

and hide..

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