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This tough


It ain't always this tough

It isn't always this way

When the ocean gets rough

You bow and you pray

Well you stand up & fight,

what you're doing is right

You go on & you stay

It isn't always this way

On other ships

it's better and it's worse

Bad luck and setbacks

are part of the curse

You can always go back

And return to the mines

But you know in the black

every tiny light shines

You should light up & try

Keep ignoring the lies

You will stay and hold on

'till the day you have won

In other places

other problems show

You saw smiling faces,

how were you to know?

In due time you will find

And the future will show

That the ocean is kind

And the waves can be low

& the harder the storm

The more you'll feel warm

just hold on one more day

it isn't always this way

You search for answers

as you lie awake

Ferocious creatures

'till the day will break...

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