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1 Saturday morning

2 Somebody new

3 Own

4 Garden

5 Seas of time

6 Anything Else

7 Deaf ear

8 Further

9 Softsong

10 Watch


With eyes so critical,

you behold my labour

It’s unavoidable,

the way you raise your brow

It stimulates me

how you keep on investigating

When can results be had,

especially now?

You make me go much further

than I usually do

You make me wonder

can I do any better?

Out here it’s freezing

and the rain is falling too..

But I am dedicated

to stay in this weather,

with you

So uncanny how

you keep me on my toes

It’s exciting and you’re

pushing me forward

Stop your excuses baby,

we are not foes

Let’s chop the trees together

and then go homeward

A blade so razor-sharp

shouldn’t be spoiling

It really brings out the best in me

Add a little pressure,

and sure I’ll be boiling

Please go on lifting me up,

setting me free

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You turn around and say

you're fine and you're okay

but you're not,

I can tell by the way

you smile at me


You feel like a soulmate

the speed that you generate

but you're not,

I can tell

by the sadness

in your eyes


So I'll sing you

a softsong

and quitly go along

put my arms around you

so you'll know

what to do

when you're there...

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