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Losing game


As long as you’re not sure

it’s better to remain

Stay put, and if the wind blows,

try to ease the pain

It’s best not to touch the water

so your feet won’t get wet

Anytime that you’re in doubt

not moving is the safer bet

Don’t breathe, don’t tell,

so you will be safer

And if you’re lucky,

I might return the favor

But if you’re behaving

by the same rules,

it’s a losing game we play

Then we are both fools

for letting a good thing

slip away…

Take responsibility,,

if you don’t, who will?

Now doing nothing out of

fear of embarrassment

never buys a thrill

So take my hand, let’s jump in,

we will see it through

If you try to reach out for me,

I will reach for you

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