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1 Marked

2 Trying to run you down

3 The truth

4 Stroke

5 Oxygen

6 Turn the light

7 Unfolding

8 Wrong me

9 Off balance


How can a man

so be led by his hand

that is drawn towards money?

How can it be solidarity

like it used to be

is now uncanny?

I avoid the once familiar eyes

of a newborn stranger

Wash your hands, deny

anything’s wrong,

How stupid do you think I am?

No, no, no…

Not everybody may see

but the rot has set in

And in the hidden picture

the image shows the sin

Now I suffer and

bear the scars

but inside it’s calm and bright

and the mark is

on your forehead

man this can’t be right

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Impossible what you are asking

Drew me out of my comfort zone

On the other side of the ocean

Life goes on and on

And the faint

“I don’t know" 's in my head

Give me time to believe

you are dead

And I wonder

did I come of age?

Do I turn the page?

Do I, do I, do I?

How I doubt myself,

put one foot in front of the other

I’d like to catch you off balance

But I needn’t bother

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