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Chaos demo 2 Puerto Rico



Puerto Rico

Wake up Angelita

Your mama has

turned off the light

Manolo is already waiting by the old water pipe

Her shoes in one hand she carefully walks down the stairs

Holding her breath 'çause there's danger and love

in the air

Your papa will beat him

if he ever finds out

Begging the virgin won't help when you hear Manolito shout

He's already standing under the starlit sky

You run to his arms

and you laugh and you cry

as he holds you tight

He says he'll be leaving you soon still you beg him to stay

But he wants to make it somewhere in the USA

And though he'll be far

he promises he'll write every day

When time will be right he'll come back and he'll take you away

Your papa don't like him,

he says he's no good

He steals and he fights

and he never behaves

like a young man should

Angelita she knows, he's not that bad inside

She takes the medal,

she wears him on a chain,

and presses it into his palm

(cover van Vaya Con Dios)

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